What Does It Feels Like To Have A Pet Rabbit?

Rabbits are a prey species, so by nature, they may be wary when you first bring them home. This is a new environment for them and they need time to adjust. For the first day or so even though you will want to cuddle your rabbit, try to just observe, and let it become accustomed to its new surroundings. The key is to gradually introduce yourself to your new pet, in short periods of time. When the rabbit appears comfortable in its new surroundings, talk to it and slowly move to pet it. Try to avoid fast movements, as these will frighten a rabbit. Only after the rabbit is comfortable with you petting it should you attempt picking it up.


The common conception is that the rabbit is cute and furry, but lacks the personality of a dog or a cat. However, a person who spends a large amount of time socializing with their rabbit will soon realize how rewarding owning a rabbit can be! Typically, the more time that is spent with your rabbit, the more it will bond with you and show you its unique personality. Depending on your lifestyle, you may decide that the rabbit will be a house or caged rabbit. The house rabbit is becoming more popular, as it gives the rabbit and owner more opportunities for interaction. Rabbits that are free to run loose in the house are usually litter trained, and all wires and other items the rabbit can chew should be blocked off or moved. It is important to ensure that the rabbit cannot squeeze into any locations that may cause it harm, and for the safety of the rabbit (and items in your house you do not want chewed!) it is probably best to put the rabbit in its cage when you are not in the house.

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