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1. Illness or aging 

Older pups are more sensitive and they might require some extra care, especially if they have any hearing or vision problems. Pooches that also suffer from cognitive decline might become overly attached to you, due to the fact that the world they used to know is not like it was anymore, so they constantly need your help to face it.

2. Learned behavior 

Many owners are probably guilty of this, but what can you do when your little dog is so cute, that all you want to do is cuddle, give them treats, and pet them when they lie next to you?

As many experts would say, all of the things previously mentioned are actually mistakes many people make. Even though the majority of them don’t think it’ll hurt in the long run and prefer to do everything they can for their dogs, they will end up with pups that follow them everywhere they go, wait to be petted, get very talkative when they’re alone, and can’t stand to be separated from their owners.

3. Stress and anxiety 

As you already know, pups are able to sense our emotions before we actually have the chance to recognize them, so they can feel whether we are happy, stressed, or anxious. One interesting fact about these beautiful creatures is that they can even adopt some of our behaviors. If you come home completely tired and stressed out, your pup is more likely to empathize with you and be stressed as well.

But before you say that this means your fur friend loves you deeply, here’s the downside: it might trigger some clingy behaviors. In addition to that, pups might get all Velcro if you make some sudden changes in their routine or in the household.

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