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6. Poodles

If you’ve watched any dog shows, you already know that Poodles love to be present there and impress everyone with their tricks. Not only do they have charming and beautiful looks, but they also have great personalities too.

There might be times when these adorable pups tend to be quiet and reserved, but it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with a bit of puppy socialization to make them more confident.

These pooches know how to make the people around them laugh and have a good time, and they really enjoy it. They’re also very easy to train, are very smart, and also eager to please. If you want to have a cute pup that will make you laugh and wish to cuddle all the time, a Poodle might be exactly what you need!

5. Bulldog

The Bulldog is a cute and fluffy dog with a wrinkly face and a very lovely personality. A great thing about them is that they’re very calm and friendly and they also enjoy spending all of their time with the people they love.

They can easily adapt to new things and environments, and they’re also very docile. If you don’t like walking or running, it’s not a problem for them, because Bulldogs don’t require a lot of exercise. They’d prefer to stay at home and be lazy on the couch.

…Want to know a fun fact? The Bulldog was adopted as a mascot by The Marine Corps after World War I.

4. Golden Retriever

…Did you know that the first picture that was ever uploaded on Instagram was actually an image of a Golden Retriever?

It seems like these beautiful pups really love social media because Instagram is full of videos and pictures of them. They can be easily trained, are very athletic, and are great for families. They get along with other pets, such as cats, and they enjoy spending their time playing with children.

If you’re looking for a smart dog to take with you when you go hunting, a Golden Retriever is just great for that! These pups are amazing hunting companions, and they’re also really good at being search-and-rescue pooches.

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