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Why Do Pups Bark at the Moon?

You might think that your pup is howling at the moon, right? Well, that’s not true. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they know how to complain when there’s something they don’t agree with. Just think about it: they are used to seeing really well in the dark, then suddenly, when there’s a full moon and they have problems with their vision.

That’s not something they like, so just like we complain to our friends and family when there’s something we disagree with, they do the same to their four-legged friends. This means that pooches don’t howl at the moon, but they’re actually communicating with one another through their barking.

Your beloved pup is used to going for a walk when it’s completely dark outside, and they usually mind their business and sniff around everything they want. But the full moon changes their routine since they perceive it as a big bowl of light that interferes with their great vision. So what is there left to do? They start barking.

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