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We Bet You Didn’t Know What These 7 Groups of Animals Were Called

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Is there a connection between intimate desire and hunting? We could mention a number of things, but from a linguistic perspective, we’re focusing on the ancient word venery, which derives from the Latin word venor and denotes both intimate desire and hunting (from Latin veneria, referring to Venus).

Strangely, the collective word “terms of venery” refers to a group of creatures. Additionally, many of these animal groups have wacky names that will surely make you laugh, such as a covey of partridges, a murder of crows, or a clowder of cats.

Well, we love animals, and we sure love funny names. You can find plenty of them mentioned in a book that was published many years ago, in 1486, called “The Book of Saint Albans”. If you want to know more about hunting, angling, and hawking, this is the book you should read.

The author of the copy, Juliana Berners, is credited with giving many animal groups very creative but fitting names. Although Berners, who was well-versed in animals, might not have intended for these names to be taken seriously, they have survived the years and are now widely used. We bet you didn’t know what these 7 groups of animals were called! Check ’em out!

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