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4 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Clingy (How to Deal With It)

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…Have you ever noticed any clingy behaviors in your dog?

We are the center of the universe for our beloved pups, so it’s not such a big surprise that they love us with all their hearts and that they’re also willing to do whatever it takes to protect us from different things.

However, if you’ve noticed that your pooch follows you everywhere you go (including the moment when you go to the bathroom for no more than 1 minute), they always stay by your side or they don’t move unless you move, you might have a “Velcro” dog.

This means that your pooch is clingy and they don’t know how to stay alone or how to leave you some space to breathe. So if you’re in doubt about if your pup is clingy or not, here’s how to find out:

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