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1. Boxer

The Boxer is an adorable dog breed that loves to spend time indoors in the company of their favorite humans, but they also need a large backyard to run around as much as they like. They usually have a lot of energy, especially when you play fetch with them and it seems like they don’t have any desire to finish the game.

The bigger your backyard is, the happier they are. Boxers feel their best when they are active, so if you want to keep your puppy joyful, be sure to spend a lot of time with them outside.

2. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a cute dog breed that has a special feature: great long legs. These pups are taller than 30 inches, and they don’t have a problem with running around or crossing a room in just one stride.

Many years ago, these pups were used as war dogs, and their job was to pull men down from chariots or horses. Nowadays, they enjoy walking and being active, so if you plan on getting a dog like this, you better have a big backyard so that they can be happy.

3. Lancashire Heeler

You might think that the Lancashire Heeler is quite a lazy dog if you judge them by their size, but if you believe so, let us tell you that they are actually the opposite. Even though they are not very big, their favorite time of the day is when they’re outside, playing and running as much as they like.

One of the cutest things you could possibly see in a pup like this is the fact that they have a special characteristic called the Heeler Smile. This means that when they’re happy, they draw back their lips, which makes them look like they’re actually smiling.

…If you want to see this adorable pup and also their Heeler Smile, give them plenty of space outdoors!

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