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5. Boerboel

Boerboels look like you can’t joke around them, but things are actually different. They love and care about their families, and one of their favorite things to do is to take care of children. However, if you think about getting a pup like this, make sure to give them proper training and commands when they’re little, so that they can understand and learn their limits.

They’re large and playful, and they’re very confident and calm as adults. They enjoy playing fetch and going for long walks in the park by your side, but sometimes, all they want to do is cuddle and chill with their favorite humans.

6. Basset Hound

The 6th calm dog on our list is the Basset Hound, a pup that loves to chill around with their owners. They have highly impressive scenting skills, which made them the first companions for hunters. These slow-paced pooches are talented when it comes to hunting hares and rabbits, but they quickly moved on from hunting starts to great family pets.

There might be times when they pick up an irresistible smell when they’re walking in the park with you and want to chase it, but other than that, they’re pretty low-maintenance and aren’t easily agitated.

7. Newfoundland

If you love to have a dog that is highly intelligent, has incredible physical strength, is loyal, and is very friendly, especially with children, a Newfoundland pup might be exactly what you need. However, keep in mind that these pups are giant and you’ll need a very big backyard to keep them happy.

Newfoundland dogs are very good at water rescue and lifesaving due to their double coat and muscular build, so they will keep an eye on you in case something bad happens. Don’t be fooled by their big size, because these adorable pooches are absolute sweethearts. They are very gentle and are great for families with kids who need a patient and playful dog.

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