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4. Shiba Inu

Is that a fox? No, it’s not! Is it a teddy bear? No, it’s not! Then what is it? It’s one of the most adorable dog breeds that has ever existed: the Shiba Inu! These gorgeous and fluffy pups are well known for their small upright ears and enthusiastic personalities.

They became extremely popular when the famous doge meme was released on the Internet, which caused all social media fanatics to fall in love with these expressive pups.

…Did you know that Shiba Inus are mainly companion pups in the United States and Japan?

5. Dalmatian

Whether you know them from the fire station or you’ve watched their adventures in Disney movies, one thing is for sure: these pups’ special coats win everyone’s heart wherever they go.

These adorable “coach dogs” have ridden alongside horse-drawn rigs used by royalty, gypsies, and firefighters throughout their long history, and people all over the world are crazy about them.

…Did you know that Dalmatians’ spots develop later in their lives? The pups are born completely white.

6. Dachshund

Is someone looking for the best hot dog ever? The Dachshund is just perfect for that!

All jokes aside, the Dachshund pups are just too cute to not say something about. Whether they’re wire-haired, smooth, longhaired, standard size, or miniature, they are extremely adorable and funny.

And if you think that their size makes them feel scared of other animals, you should know that Dachshunds are very popular for their adventurous and fearless personalities, and don’t have a problem with taking on animals much larger than they are.

They are very loyal to their dear humans and tend to get aggressive towards other dogs and people they don’t know, especially if they feel any sort of danger. If you want to be the owner of a dog like this and there are children in your household, they can easily become friends, especially if the little ones know how to take care of the pooch.

…Did you know that Dachshund pups are very good watchdogs?

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