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7. Trouble – $12 million

We don’t know about you, but if someone were to give us $12 million just because they love us and we’re pretty, we would happily sign up for early retirement and move to a tropical island to sip on margaritas all day long.

But unfortunately, we are not lucky as Trouble, a white Maltese terrier that used to belong to Leona Helmsley, is. His “hooman” was an American businesswoman, the owner of a popular hotel chain in America. When the “Queen of Mean” (Leona received this nickname because of her wealth and the bad way she treated the staff) died in 2017, the only heir that was mentioned in her will was her dog, Trouble.

After his owner died, the dog lived in a very expensive home, had his own limousine, and only ate the best food possible. However, the family didn’t like the fact that they didn’t receive anything, so they launched into a legal battle. After a while, the judge decided that Mrs. Helmsley wasn’t feeling well when she wrote the will, so they reduced Trouble’s inheritance to $2 million.

6. Gigoo – $15 million

Not really a pet, but this hen, Gigoo, truly lays golden eggs. Gigoo was considered to be the most precious thing that British publishing mogul Miles Blackwell ever had. And we’re sure about it, because in 2011, the year he died, he left the hen with a fortune of no less than $15 million. Even though he donated most of his capital to plenty of charities, he couldn’t leave his beloved pet penniless.

5. Oprah Winfrey’s dogs – $30 million

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most appreciated and also richest women in the world, with a net worth of no less than $3.5 billion. You’ve read that number right. She’s so smart, beautiful, and hard-working, that she managed to leave her unhappy past behind and empower women and men all over the world.

Speaking of her powers, Mrs. Winfrey is the proud owner of five cute dogs: Lauren, Luke, Sadie, Layla, and Sunny, whom she loves to death. She is so attached to her pups that when she leaves this world behind, she wants to leave her pets a fortune of $30 million.

4. Kalu – $90 million

The fifth place on our list is occupied by Kalu, a cute chimpanzee (again, not a pet but still a four-legged fluffy creature that is crazy rich) who lives in an extravagant mansion in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. The owner of this cute chimp is Patricia O’Neill, a woman who liked animals so much that she gave all her money to plenty of cats and dogs, but Kalu got the most of it: $90 million.

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