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Is Your Dog Barking on a Full Moon? Here’s What to Do

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…Have you ever noticed your cute pup barking on a full moon?

Our dogs are the most adorable creatures on Earth. Whether they are big or small, they’re so fluffy and cute that all we want to do is snuggle and scratch their bellies. But let’s face it: sometimes they have a funny attitude and we have no idea what’s actually going on inside their heads.

One example is when they bark on a full moon. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my little pup behaves like it’s controlled by the moon and doesn’t know how to let go. But what if their behavior is actually influenced by something else and it’s not just something weird and without sense?

We got so curious about this topic that we did a bit of research to find out more about it. If you’re just as intrigued as we are, here is everything we found out about the reasons why dogs bark on a full moon and what to do about it:

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