These Fortunate Cats Were Rescued and the Stories Will Melt Your Heart

It seems like a day doesn’t go by when cats aren’t getting themselves stuck in precarious places or — in more serious situations, abandoned by their owners and even worse, become victims of animal cruelty. In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month, we’re highlighting amazing cat rescue stories that will melt your heart.

This is the heartwarming moment two kittens were rescued after falling from a roof and becoming trapped between two walls in Los Angeles for three days. Hoang Dinh from Los Angeles Animal Services used a thermal imager to locate the tiny cats and cut a hole in the wall to rescue them.

The cats were taken to North Central LA Animal Services Center where they were examined, placed in an incubator and eventually made a full recovery.

A kitten was recently discovered in an Oregon trash can hanging upside down by its legs and encased in spray foam. The garbage collector heard the cat whining and realized it was miraculously still alive. So he took the cat to the local vet where he was freed from the spray foam and nursed back to health.

A cat in Melbourne who got his head trapped inside a drainpipe was freed by firefighters in an hour-long rescue mission. A factory worker noticed the terrified kitty had become wedged stuck and called the RSPCA, who called the local fire service. They used a small angle grinder to cut the pipe away and freeing the kitty before taking her to the vet for some TLC.

Anemic, dehydrated and suffering from mange when he was found, Cotton the cat was discovered in Florida badly neglected and unable to open his eyes because of mites. Due to this, he was also unable to find food and was shockingly underweight. After a long period of TLC by the woman who adopted him, Cotton did open his eyes and had one blue and one hazel.

Chuck Hawley rescued a kitten that was stuck to an Oregon road in a busy lane of traffic. At first he thought it was a small box but when he got closer he realized it was a kitten. When he tried to pick her up, he realized someone had glued her four paws to the road. After giving her a bath and taking her to the vet, Chuck took the kitten in and called her Sticky.

This cat, called Manasa, was bitten by a deadly brown snake in Australia and was found covered in ants just moments from death. Sadly, there were two small kittens next to her who already died. She was rushed to the vets by the RSPCA and they were able to miraculously save her life by giving her anti-snake venom.

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2 thoughts on “These Fortunate Cats Were Rescued and the Stories Will Melt Your Heart”

  1. laryma spector

    Thank GOD for all the animal lovers in the world. There is a special place in hell for those who mistreat or neglect any animals. Thank you to all those who rescued animals that were in trouble and god bless you.

    1. I am never shocked at stories like this. So. Fla. is the worst! Two of my kitties were brought to me by people who found them thrown out onto the expressway..One was only 3 wk’s. old and the other one needed surgery on her mouth from injury. Both are my favorites!!!

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