Stray Dog Adopted by Police Loves to Help Them Practice Their Pat-Downs

This is Chato — a cheerful dog who was recently “hired” by a police department in Peru. But things weren’t always so good for him.

A few months back, Chato was just another homeless pup, searching the streets for food, shelter and affection from strangers. That is until he happened upon until he came across the local law enforcement office in the city of Paita.

There, cops were quickly smitten by the poor, bedraggled pup — ultimately deciding to offer Chato a home with them.

© Capy Veterinario

“When he arrived at the police station, he found love,” Manuel Capitan Barranzuela, Chato’s veterinarian, told The Dodo.

Chato, of course, has no formal training in police work, but he has found an adorable way to help them fight crime.

He happily role-plays as a suspect so cops can practice doing their pat-downs.

© Capy Veterinario

From the police who kindly opened their hearts to help a dog in need, to the pup who eagerly keeps their frisking skills sharp — truly a job well done all around.

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