Passerby Finds A Frozen Baby Bat On The Ground

Sometimes all it takes to make a world of difference is a little warmth and a little kindness.

Take what happened just recently on a street in Tel Aviv, Israel. After heavy rains, a man was walking along when he noticed something dark lying on the ground.

When he realized it was a tiny baby fruit bat, terribly cold and struggling for his life, he knew he needed to call for help.

“We received a call of a baby bat lying on the freezing pavement,” Shlomi Marco, who works with a local fruit bat sanctuary, told The Dodo. Volunteers from the sanctuary rushed to the scene to help.

When they arrived, one volunteer spent a while just warming the baby bat between her hands. And as she was bringing him back to life, they noticed something above — or, rather, someone.

“We noticed what seemed to be his mother flying relentlessly above us,” Marco said. That’s when the volunteer holding the baby bat held out her hands and waited.

The mother bat was clearly anxious to hold her baby again — but she was also very nervous about being so close to people. Soon enough, she conquered her fear and landed right on the volunteer’s hands.

“Even though mother bat is a wild animal scared of humans, she nevertheless landed on the volunteer’s hand to pick [up] her baby,” Marco said.

A family was reunited that night — all because some people went out of their way to help.

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