21 of the Most Dog-Friendly Cities in America

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Dog parks, also known as “off-leash dog areas,” are among the fastest-growing park amenities in America’s cities, according to research by the Trust For Public Land.

There are currently 810 dedicated dog parks in the 100 largest cities, an increase of 37 over last year.

That’s just as well because dog ownership is also increasing, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Even people who are allergic to most dogs can find a hypoallergenic four-legged friend.

The ratio of dog parks to residents reflects a place’s attitude toward dogs and their owners, and was used by 24/7 Tempo to identify the 21 most dog-friendly cities in America.

The list is dominated by Sunbelt states, with six entries for California, and two each for Florida and Nevada. Virginia isn’t a Sunbelt state but has a nice climate and obviously loves dogs, with three entries.

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