13 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds in America

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It seems that 85 million American families have a dog as a pet and the saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ totally applies in this case. That being said, dogs are the most popular animals in the United States of America.

Of course that many Americans have small dog breeds and it is quite impossible not to have one because they are amazing. To be more specific, these small breeds do not grow more than a foot tall can happily live in a small house or apartment, do not require high maintenance costs and can easily adapt to almost every environment. So, these are some of the many reasons small dogs are very famous. 

As you probably know, dogs will not only fill your heart with love and joy and make you feel complete, but they improve your health as well. There are many studies that show the fact that owning a dog is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and decreased triglyceride levels. Thus, taking care of a little and innocent soul can boost your overall cardiovascular health as well.

There are numerous benefits of having a dog, especially when it comes to health. For instance, they can keep you fit and active, help you lose weight, improve your social life, reduce stress and anxiety and even prevent some allergies. 

So, here are the most popular toy breeds in America that are ready to conquer your heart! Read on and enjoy it!

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  1. George Pedersen

    My wife and i have a maltese , we are very happy with her. The only thing that you should know about a Maltese is that there hair can get matted She was born July 2 2020 and we got her at 5 months old and as today she runs the house. We could not ask for anything better.

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