13 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds in America

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It seems that 85 million American families have a dog as a pet and the saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ totally applies in this case. That being said, dogs are the most popular animals in the United States of America.

Of course that many Americans have small dog breeds and it is quite impossible not to have one because they are amazing. To be more specific, these small breeds do not grow more than a foot tall can happily live in a small house or apartment, do not require high maintenance costs and can easily adapt to almost every environment. So, these are some of the many reasons small dogs are very famous. 

As you probably know, dogs will not only fill your heart with love and joy and make you feel complete, but they improve your health as well. There are many studies that show the fact that owning a dog is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and decreased triglyceride levels. Thus, taking care of a little and innocent soul can boost your overall cardiovascular health as well.

There are numerous benefits of having a dog, especially when it comes to health. For instance, they can keep you fit and active, help you lose weight, improve your social life, reduce stress and anxiety and even prevent some allergies. 

So, here are the most popular toy breeds in America that are ready to conquer your heart! Read on and enjoy it!

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22 thoughts on “13 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds in America”

  1. George Pedersen

    My wife and i have a maltese , we are very happy with her. The only thing that you should know about a Maltese is that there hair can get matted She was born July 2 2020 and we got her at 5 months old and as today she runs the house. We could not ask for anything better.


      1. Hi Glinnis, My husband and I are in full agreement….we love papillons! We had one, added another. They have both crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, and we just had to have another one. Too old to make it another pair, but she is our love, and also runs the house.

    2. I am now owned by my fourth Maltese. Once you have met this breed it is hard to consider another. They are meticulous, loyal, non shedding and loving. Who could ask for anything more? Oh – and faces like angels.

  2. Too bad you did not include the poodle; I have 2 black, boy is 28 pounds, girl is 20 pounds, they are 10 years old, started out with me running, now we walk daily, they are very active, loving, so well behaved, go everywhere with me. I bought them from Inge S. in Fairfield, Calif. She definitely knows her poodles.

  3. Thea Callender

    What? No Shih Tzu? We love ours and his playmate a Havanese.
    They are bright and funny. He is stubborn at times.. They both require grooming.

    1. Donna M Ledington

      We have a Shitzu also. She does not know a stranger and loves all people. I have a friend who has two Havanese and they are the same. Super friendly!!

  4. Sally Carpenter

    I own a Maltese also and if you own one you need to be prepared for groomers fees every 2 to 3 months. But I love him dearly had him since he was a newborn.

    1. I have a multipoo he is the best little guy ever, he is smart loving intelligent, he can be very clingy but I don’t mind he’s my buddy, I take him everywhere. I do have a question he is 5 now and he acts like he’s 50! He doesn’t like to go outdoors to play he would rather just be on my lap or carried around he has regular vet checks and grooming every 4 weeks eats grain free fresh food, not on any meds great teeth so he is healthy but he just wants to snuggle all the time, is it just him or is it his breed.

  5. I can not BELIEVE that you have not included a Yorkshire Terrier in your list of the 13 most popular small dogs. Was it just a mistake? I won’t dare let my Yorkie read about your choices as she would be too upset!

  6. I have a bichon frise he is 12 gets brushed every day he is a pretty white dog We love him like he is one of the children .

  7. We have two Bichon Frise mix breeds. Oso, Bichon/poodle and Misty Bichon/Maltese. Both are rescue’s and are the center of our senior family. We could not love them any more than we do.
    Thank you God for sending them to us.

  8. I didn’t see a chihuahua listed. These are so sweet & smart. They aren’t all yappers & biters. We’ve had 2 & both excellent pets. Our first one died at 16. We now have a tiny 3 pound one that’s 13. She loves us so much. She’s small enough that we take her everywhere. She’s our baby.

  9. I have a Havanese. Very much a people dog. But she has anxiety issues. Always by my side. But she has been trained and loves tricks. (In Havana they were used as circus dogs). But she is as sweet as can be.

  10. What they really forgot was a Chihuahua. I have had 3 and you can’t get a more low maintenance, loving lap dog. Plus 2 of mine lived 21 and 22 years. My new rescue is just 1 year now.

  11. I enjoy your posts. So far no one mentions the Yorkshire dog. I had one for 15 years and he weighed 2 pounds. He was a real show stopper and knew it. He was very aggressive and could con you ought of anything by sitting up. I swear he sat up more than he was on all fours. I have pictures of him sitting up in a standard size dinner plate. He hated other dogs and wouldn’t have a thing to do with them. Again, thanks for your posts.

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