10 Things Dogs Can Sniff Out That Humans Can’t

Photo by Olena Yakobchuk from shutterstock.com

Let’s be honest here: dogs are the best! They are smart, joyful, cute, fluffy, and they can actually be considered heroes! If you don’t believe me when I tell you that, let me prove you wrong!

We all know that dogs can feel the world around them by smelling everything. It’s their natural behavior, but it’s also a survival instinct. Your pup’s nose has approximately 300 million olfactory receptors, also known as odor receptors and it’s 50 times stronger than ours when it comes to picking up different types of aroma.

That is because the human nose only contains 6 million olfactory receptors. Despite surviving and enjoying the things that surround them, dogs’ noses help them discover a lot of things that we can’t!

Here are 10 things dogs can sniff out that humans can’t!

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