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These Fish Created Their Own Lanterns And It’s Amazing

At this point, it’s safe to say that humans are the best creatures on Earth when it comes to adapting to new environmental conditions. Are you cold? Turn on the heat! Are you hot? Turn on the air conditioner! Is it dark outside? Turn on the lights. The so-called Lanterneye Fish, however, seem much more fascinating because these little guys that spend their lives in the ocean (and aren’t that smart either) created their own lanterns.

We know it’s survival of the fittest, but how could they possibly do it?


Luminous lanterneye fish is the only sea creatures known to men that produce light. And if that wasn’t cool enough, they can also turn it off and on as they please. Apparently, the secret is phosphorescent bacteria that lie in the luminous organ of the fish. While some of the bacteria die, other ones continue to grow and this cicle happens for as long as the fish lives. This light is very useful to attract prey, but also to detect larger predators, as the light reflects in their eyes when they come close enough. This fish species live almost on the bottom of the ocean, in very dark areas.

Whenever the lanterneye fish wants to hide, it simply pulls a black covering over it or rolls its organ inwards. Fishy as it may seem, we have to admit that these fellas are really smart!


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