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9 Dog Breeds That Have No Sense of Personal Space

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…Does your dog have any sense of personal space?

Just like humans, pups have their own personalities. It doesn’t matter how much you trained them or how many tricks you teach them, their unique personality keeps shining.

This means that every pooch is different in its own way, and some dogs might like things while others don’t. For instance, some pups are goofier and cuddlier than others. Just as people do, many pups need attention, and they might look at you insistently, basically begging you to pet them, or they might jump on your bed when it’s time to sleep.

Pups are great for snuggles and adventure. But sometimes, they behave like kids: they just sit on top of you when you watch TV, they jump on you when you don’t give them attention, or they might sit with their paws on your laptop to distract you from work.

Some breeds need to spend more time with their favorite humans, while others prefer to be more independent. In which category can you include your pup? Here are 9 dog breeds that have no sense of personal space.

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