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Why Do Cats And Dogs Really Hate Each Other?

Dogs and cats have been hating each other for as long as we can remember. It seems so natural, that we don’t even wonder why they do it anymore. But if we think about it.. they like different prey, they have different habits, so what’s the real cause of these beautiful pets’ rivalry?

Well, the first thing we should aknowledge is that the hatred between dogs and cats is innate. In more simple terms, it means that the instinct tells these creatures to be enemies – and they will definitely do anything just to get rid of each other. The story begins a long way back in England, during a time when cats and dogs were not exactly as praised as they are today – on the contrary.


Back in the day, there was a real fight on the streets to get the good foods. Both cats and dogs were wondering around, waiting for people to throw some meat near them. This fact alone made them rivals. Both cats and dogs use different noise to scare their enemies off – however, here comes a big difference. While dogs are more upfront and willing to get into a fight, cats would rather sneaking around until they get what they want. Ultimately, a cat will run away first during a fight with a dog.

Another significant aspect is that if a dog gets really, really hungry and is desperate for food, it will end up eating newborn kittens. Considering the fact that this has been happening for a long time, cats learned that dogs are dangerous and they taught this to the next generations.. until today. However, specialists discovered that if a dog and a cat are growing up together, there will be no misunderstanding between them.


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