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8 Dog Breeds That Like Spending Time With Cats

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…Have you ever wished to have a pup and a cat that get along and actually love each other?

The majority of us grew up thinking that dogs and cats are enemies. We’ve seen them running after one another, biting or scratching each other, and never sharing food. The relationship between these two cute and fluffy pets it’s so popular that many movies and cartoons were inspired by this, such as the beloved comedy series “Tom & Jerry”.

However, the truth is that some pooches actually like spending time with cats, regardless of popular beliefs. If you want to be the proud owner of a pup and a cat that are besties, you should know that there are a few dog breeds that are more likely to get along with cats due to their friendly or easy-going personality.

If this is something you find interesting, keep reading along with us to discover these 8 dog breeds that like spending time with cats.

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