Stunning Photos of Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphins are some of the most majestic creatures out there. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also very intelligent. Although it’s not uncommon to see dolphins at aquariums or water parks, it’s so much more exciting to see them in the wild. Read on for more!

Dolphins are very social animals, which is why they’re often photographed together in groups. Dolphin pods often have dozens or even hundreds of dolphins in them!

Dolphins have their very own form of language – they communicate with each other by using a variety of vocalizations, like clicks and whistles. Mom dolphins even have a specific noise they use to reprimand their calves!

When most people think about dolphins, they think of bottlenose dolphins. Although bottlenose dolphins are the most well-known, they’re actually just one of 44 species of dolphins! The ones in this picture are Pacific White-sided Dolphins.

Dolphins live all over the world, in seas, oceans, and even rivers. Different species of dolphins live in different places. This photo was taken in Paihia, Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand.

Orcas, also known as killer whales, are actually in the dolphin family. They are actually the largest animals in the dolphin family.

Unlike fish, dolphins are actually mammals, which means they can’t breathe underwater. Dolphins swim near the surface of the water so that they can come up for air often.

Sometimes, dolphins will group up with hundreds of other dolphins to form a superpod – these superpods can have over 1,000 dolphins in them! This photo of a superpod was captured in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Dolphins give birth to their calves tail-first, which keeps them from drowning. Baby dolphins stay with their mom for 3-6 years in order to learn and grow.

Dolphins jump for a number of reasons – they leap out of the water to check out their environment and keep an eye on predators and prey. They also jump to make their presence known to other dolphins.

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