Royal Family Pets That Are Simply Amazing

The royal life is not an understated one. Nothing ever can be when there are tiaras and palaces and wedding dress trains basically the length of actual trains involved. Whether figureheads or actual rulers, royal families have it made.

But it doesn’t just pay to be a human member of a royal family. The pets of monarchs live way more lavish lives than any regular pet (or even regular person) does.

From personal butlers to private chefs, gourmet cuisine, official painted portraits, private air travel, and ruby-encrusted sculptures made in their likeness, royal pets are living the life of luxury.

The most famous modern-day royal pets are probably Queen Elizabeth’s corgis. She’s owned the breed since 1933, and made it a must-have for pet owners across the world. Here are some royal pets who have a paw up on the rest of us.

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