Rottweiler Puppy Gets Her Head Stuck Inside of a Cinder Block

A Florida dog got herself into a very rough situation.

On Saturday, St. Johns County Fire Rescue in St. Augustine, Florida shared on Facebook that a local rottweiler puppy named Fifi accidentally got her head stuck inside of a cinder block while she was sniffing around her home’s yard.

After the owner was unable to free the six-month-old pooch from the concrete cube, a call was placed to St. John’s Sheriff’s Office, who attempted to get Fifi out of the block with soap and water, according to the post.

When they were unsuccessful, the police enlisted help from firefighters at St. John’s County Fire Rescue, who had to use the Jaws of Life to free Fifi.

“Personnel from Station eight performed rather unique rescue today. A resident in the Hastings area returned home from work today and found her Rottweiler ‘Fifi’ in a rather precarious situation,” they began the post.

“Fifi was apparently sniffing around her residence and became stuck in a cinder block,” they continued. “The six-month-old puppy managed to wedge her head inside one of the holes in the block. The resident tried to free Fifi’s head but was unable to do so.”

“Out of options the resident placed a call to the SJC Communications Center for help,” the post read. “Deputies from SJSO arrived and attempted to free her head using soap and water. However, the puppy remained stuck.”

“Shortly after, personnel from Station 8 arrived and began to work on Fifi’s predicament,” they finished. “Using the Jaws of Life, firefighters were able to crack the block and free Fifi.”

Despite the scary predicament, St. Johns County Fire Rescue said Fifi made it out without any injuries and was “excited to be sniffing around again.”

Along with the post, the fire team shared several photos from the incident, including an adorable snap of Fifi with her head inside of the cinder block, looking shameful as ever.

Another photo shows the cinder block broken in several pieces, while the third features Fifi looking up at the camera after being freed, appearing slightly shaken up from getting stuck.

At this time, it is unclear exactly how Fifi managed to get her head trapped inside of the cinder block. St. Johns County Fire Rescue did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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