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The difference between overweight and obesity

Some people assume that the two terms are the same thing, however there are some big differences between the two here’s what:

• When your pet is overweight that means they have a few extra pounds over their normal weight limit.

• Obesity means their body fat is much HIGHER than supposed to and they need vet intervention, a strict diet and daily exercise.

What breeds are prone to weight issues and obesity? 

• Chihuahua

• English Mastiff

• Rottweiler

• Boxer

• Corgi

• Pug

• Labrador and Golden Retriever

• French Bulldog

• Boston Terrier

• Pekingese

• Maltese

• Great Dane

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  1. My long hair chi weighs 17 lbs. and waddles when she walks. I am feeding her a 25% less caloric food but she gets the schnauzers to drop their food on the floor for her! She is always looking for bits of food everywhere.What can I do? she is only 2 years 0ld.

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