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3 Things To Do To Control Your Pet’s Weight

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Sometimes we tend to give too many ”treats” to our beloved pets. We know they deserve it they are just SO ADORABLE! But those extra treats can end up by making your pet gain too much weight.

First, you should see a vet first and they will establish if they are or not, but usually you can tell just by their size. You don’t have to deny it or find excuses like they are just fluffy, because it can become a serious health issue for your pet and no one wants that.

If the vet is confirming that your pet is indeed overweight or if you’ve noticed it first, it’s time for a radical change in their nutrition and lifestyle. But first let’s see the signs of an overweight pet:

How can I tell if my pet is overweight?

• Their lack of waist, having a round look;

• They are not physically active, the lack of exercise or effort can be much more visible to breeds that are usually playful;

• Their diet consists in a lot of snacks, meals and overall too much food.

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1 thought on “3 Things To Do To Control Your Pet’s Weight”

  1. My long hair chi weighs 17 lbs. and waddles when she walks. I am feeding her a 25% less caloric food but she gets the schnauzers to drop their food on the floor for her! She is always looking for bits of food everywhere.What can I do? she is only 2 years 0ld.

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