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What can I do for my pet?

1. Call the vet

The first thing that you need to be doing is to call your vet and they will help you with some tips and a balanced diet for your dog.

Whenever you plan in changing their lifestyle and diet, talk to a specialist (a vet) first. Every pet has different needs when it comes to nutrition, different metabolisms and their bodies respond differently.

2. Check the food you’re feeding them 

On the market there are several pet food brands and they each have different caloric amounts per cup so it’s good to check that up before feeding your pet, they might be getting too many calories.

Check with your vet what food fits your pet best and what amount they should be getting.

Also, don’t give them more food then supposed to or too many treats especially high caloric ones!

3. Get them to exercise more

One key factor into losing some weight is to exercise and become more and more active, and it goes the same with our furry friends. Schedule daily walks and if they don’t want to go out, then feed them some broccoli or carrots.

This shall stimulate them to move around and give up the couch potato lifestyle.

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  1. My long hair chi weighs 17 lbs. and waddles when she walks. I am feeding her a 25% less caloric food but she gets the schnauzers to drop their food on the floor for her! She is always looking for bits of food everywhere.What can I do? she is only 2 years 0ld.

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