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  • that weird moment when you’re outside with your pooch and strangers come to pet your pup, but no one actually addresses YOU, so you just have to sit there patiently, waiting for them to leave;
  • another awkward moment that every dog owner will relate to is when you’re out and about with your pup. But your pup sees another pooch, and runs towards them, and they start sniffing one another, while you and the other owner have to keep a small conversation, waiting for your dog’s investigation to be over;
  • introducing your pet to your friends and all your pooch can think about is how to sniff each one of them from top to bottom;
  • one of the most awkward moments that can happen in the life of a dog owner is when you have guests over and your pup greets them by humping their legs. Not one of the most pleasant experiences, if you ask me…
  • realizing that all the rules and boundaries you’ve set, such as no begging for food, not sleeping in your bed, and no dog on the couch are all in vain because your dog knows that you love them and they know that you won’t get very mad;
  • discovering that your pup can and will do a lot of things you might not want, such as drinking water from your glass, eating off of your plate, opening your underwear drawer, climbing on counters for food, and stealing treats, just to name a few.

…Have any of these ever happened to you? We’re sure it’s a funny story, so share it with us by leaving a comment in the section down below! 

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