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  • constantly pulling your pup’s hair off of your clothes (especially dark-colored ones) or your sheets;
  • spending a lot of money on dog food, treats, toys, and fluffy beds, and then you make jokes about how your pup lives better than you (and sometimes it’s not just a joke);
  • allowing them to take a bite directly from your silverware and not even being fazed about it (at the end of the day, they are your babies, right?);
  • spending a lot of money on a fluffy bed so that your pooch can be comfy and warm, but you still let them sleep in your bed and they take up all of your space (but you love them, so it’s okay to sleep in a tight corner);
  • kissing your pup on the mouth and then realizing it’s actually a bit gross;
  • saying “sorry” over and over again while giving them a bath or cutting their nails. But you’re actually laughing on the inside because they’re so dramatic;
  • spending a lot of money on scented candles and air fresheners because you don’t want your house to have a kennel smell;
  • sharing your meal with them, even though you bought them a lot of dog food and treats;
  • noticing that there are some well-mannered dogs in the park, while yours is misbehaving and causing a mess. And if that’s not enough, other dog owners laugh at you when you scream “Come here!!” to your pup, but they actually run away from you;
  • there are times when your pooch is so excited about their walk, that they start walking very fast or even running, and it looks like you are the one that is being taken out for a walk;
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