Miraculous Natural Remedies For Your Pets

Aloe vera – Just like with humans, the aloe vera plant is helpful for skin issues in animals. Aloe vera is great for soothing your pet’s skin if they have hot spots or an allergic reaction, according to The American Animal Hospital Association via The Nest. However, ingesting aloe vera can be harmful for dogs and cats and might result in nasty case of diarrhea. To be safe, be sure to bandage the area you apply aloe vera to your pet, and provide adequate supervision to ensure they don’t lick it off. You also want to be careful to only apply the gel part of the plant. The white sap around the edges contain latex, which can also be harmful. Aloe can be purchased by the bottle at many stores, but it’s best — and more cost effective — to just get a plant and break open the leaves yourself.

Echinacea – According to Dogs Naturally magazine, echinacea can work wonders in helping to support your pet’s immune system. However, it can be harmful for dogs who suffer from immune mediated diseases, so check with your vet.


Rescue Remedy – Rescue Remedy is homeopathic tincture made from flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The product is particularly helpful for stress. Whether your animal suffers from separation anxiety, stress from a recent move or even the death of another pet or an owner, Rescue Remedy can help.

Calendula – Calendula oil’s antimicrobial and wound-healing properties make it a must-have for treating minor cuts, insect bites, abrasions, eczema and poison ivy, according to natural-dog-health-remedies.com. It can also be used on sprains and bruises, as an eye wash for conjunctivitis, or for the treatment of inflammation or ulceration of the digestive or urinary tracts.

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