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9 Dogs Breeds With The Lowest IQ

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Just like some of us humans, some dog breeds are…not the brightest. They are not dumb or anything like that, they are just harder to train and they act a bit silly. Some of them don’t outgrow the toddler phase.

And that’s completely fine. We love them anyway. They are still lovely, loyal, and fluffy companions. In fact, some of them are even cuter when they’re a bit more silly. I mean, we all love a fluffy goof!

But it’s only a matter of training. If they lack training, they lack discipline. So, let’s take a look at the breeds that require more training than the rest do:

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2 thoughts on “9 Dogs Breeds With The Lowest IQ”

  1. Benjamin J. Jones

    Had a Lab-Setter- talk about smarts and yes, we were “adapted” into his pack. Very Smart, loving and miss him.

  2. well I totally disagree with this , I have had English bulldogs all my life , my last one, Pudgescicle , was the smartest one ever , this article is ridiculous , I disagree to it completely.

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