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9. Lhasa Apso

This breed is known for its confidence and courage. However, due to the fact that they tend to easily lose focus and interest, their disobedience will take over. Did you know that there’s an old Buddhist legend that believed Lhasa Apsos are the reincarnations of Buddhist monks who didn’t succeed in reaching Nirvana?

They’re extremely stubborn, as they once were the companions of the emperors of China, a fact that they will never forget. Bottom line: even though Lhasa Apso doesn’t want to follow your commands, this doesn’t mean that they don’t understand them!

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  1. Benjamin J. Jones

    Had a Lab-Setter- talk about smarts and yes, we were “adapted” into his pack. Very Smart, loving and miss him.

  2. well I totally disagree with this , I have had English bulldogs all my life , my last one, Pudgescicle , was the smartest one ever , this article is ridiculous , I disagree to it completely.

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