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9 Reasons NOT To Get a Dog

Photo by fotyma from Envato Elements

Dogs are incredible companions. They are lovely, loyal, and fluffy. But even though, for us, they seem great, not a lot of people are ready to make the step of getting one. You may be excited to get one, but maybe you are not ready for it. When you think about adopting or rescuing a dog from a shelter we have to think about many aspects.

But the most important one is if we would be suitable as their owners. In theory, the idea of expanding your household with a fluffy companion sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? However, we all have to keep in mind that they are not toys. They are creatures, with feelings and needs. Treat them as your own child.

If you check off one or more of the things on the following list, then you SHOULDN’T get a dog:

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