Do You Know Which Dogs Are Compatible With Your Zodiac Sign?

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Astrology is an interesting subject. Nowadays more and more people are showing interest in zodiac signs, stars alignment and personality traits based on your sign.

And so, because the society gets more and more curious about their signs we thought we would also share with you dog breeds which are compatible with yours.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Their temper, energy and competitive spirit matches these adorable breeds:

• German Shepard

• Miniature Pinscher

• Dogo Argentino

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

People in this sign are usually very relaxed and love comfort just like:

• Boxer

• French Bulldog

• Italian  Greyhound

• Brussels Griffon

• Afghan Hounds

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Geminis are usually full of curiosity and energy and so are they:

• Bichon Frise

• Yorkshire Terrier

• Cockapoo

• Labradors

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Loyal and loving would be the two words I would use to describe Cancers and these breeds match perfectly:

• Coton de Tulear

• Border Collie

• Rottweiler

Leo ( July 23 – August 22)

Leos are in general full of excitement and very charming just like them:

• Pugs

• Bichon Frise

• Golden Retriever

• Pomeranian

Virgo ( August 23 – September 22)

These dogs are as determined and rational as a Virgos are:

• Spanish Waterdog

• Greyhound

• Pointer

• Shetland sheepdog

Libra (September 23–October 23)

Libras are in general loving, snuggly and peaceful and these 3 are the same:

• Newfoundland

• Siberian Husky

• Bernese Mountain Dog

Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

Courageous, loyal and passionate would be the first words that come to mind when taking about Scorpios and these dogs:

• Pitbull

• Bull Mastiff

• Golden Retriever

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Sagittarius are usually loud, fun to be around and adventurous, these 3 don’t make an exception:

• Russell Terrier

• Shih Tzu

• Boston Terrier

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

These breeds, just like Capricorns are trustworthy, disciplined and upstanding:

• Shiba Inu

• Belgian Sheepdog

• Shar Pei

• Pekingese

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

They are generally smart and have a strong sense of independence:

• Labrador Retriever

• Schipperke

• Poodle

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Pisces can be affectionate, delicate and curious and we can say they are the same:

• St. Bernard

• Cocker Spaniel

• Chihuahua

Tell us down below in the comments what other breeds you think would match your zodiac sign.

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