8 Signs Your Dog Has a Fever (and What to Do)

dog fever
Photo by Korneeva Kristina From Shutterstock

If your tiny doggo is feeling ill, you will feel it too! If he/she is sad, you’ll notice for sure. Dog fevers can be very difficult to identify at home and they might need a check-up from the vet. In order to understand how a dog’s body is functioning, you must know that they have a higher body temperature than human beings. For example, while 98.6 Fahrenheit is the average body temperature for humans, your doggo’s body temperature should be between 101 and 102,5 degrees Fahrenheit. A dog has a fever only if its body temperature is over 103 degrees. But be careful that it doesn’t reach 106 degrees because it could be very dangerous!

So how can you tell if your dog has a fever? There are a few symptoms that might help you figure out if your cutie is in danger.

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