8 Signs Your Cat Is Probably an Intellectual

By Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock

There are a lot of intelligent animals in this world and cats are some of them. Many animal experts say that if your cat can respond to its own name and knows exactly where are its toys and how to play with them or with you and know its owner’s voice, then you are lucky because you have a smart pet! 

According to the feline behaviorist, Kristyn Vitale, Ph.D., a cat researcher at Oregon State University’s Human-Animal Interaction Lab, cats are intelligent by nature. 

“I think the ability of cats to be very flexible in their behavior is one reason they’ve been so popular,” Vitale says. “They can do well in an apartment or on a farm.”

But our relationship with cats began long ago. Cats and people are depicted together in Egyptian art from nearly 4,000 years ago, but recent discoveries on the island of Cyprus now lead archaeologists to believe that the human-cat relationship might have started as much as 5,500 years before that.

So, read on if you want to know more about the intelligence mechanisms of cats!

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