6 Ways To Keep Your Dog From Peeing On The Furniture

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Having a dog is like having a baby, it’s an amazing thing, but it can be quite overwhelming sometimes. You have to take care of their needs, you have to wash them, feed them and go on regular walks, and most importantly to show them a lot of love and affection.

However, one slight difference between a child and a dog is the fact that dogs tend to pee indoors and, on your furniture, making a total and complicated mess. When that happens, we have to deal with several minutes of deep cleaning the house and a big pain in the neck as well.

So, what can we do to make them stop peeing all over our items? Here are a few solutions:

1. If you don’t plan on having any more puppies, then consider spaying or neutering them.

Experts say that doing so can decrease the chances of your dog peeing on your furniture. Speak to your vet to find out what the best option is when it comes to your puppy.

It can also have health benefits on your dog, it doesn’t just help prevent them from making a mess indoors.

2. Clean like a maniac so they’ll stop doing it in the same place

When they leave their mess in a certain place, there’s an odor left that makes them come back to the same spot. Clean the spots like a maniac with the appropriate items and solutions. Don’t hesitate to use baking soda, it will absorb all the bad odors.

Remember: Just because you can’t smell the bad odor, it doesn’t mean your puppy can’t.

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