6 Cat Breeds That Are More Likely to Be Stolen

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There are some cat breeds that are more likely to be stolen than others, and this is not only because they are beautiful, but also because of their personality traits or pedigree. This is why the most popular cat breeds have a higher risk of being stolen.

According to statistics, these cute felines, such as Bengal, Siamese, Russian Blue and so on, are most commonly reported as stolen than some of their relatives. The reason that these cats are stolen is to be sold for huge amounts of money or to be used for breeding (because they are purebred), so their babies are sold after this process as well. Unfortunately, there are many such businesses in the United States.

According to Peter Laskay, a pet health blogger, “valuable cats can, of course, produce even more money for the thief during breeding. But there are those who simply resell the stolen cat, and that could be a faster way to make money for these people.”

So, if you own at least one of these cats breeds, you should pay more attention to your cat’s surroundings and try to monitor them closely. That being said, here are some cat breeds that are more likely to be stolen, according to statistics and experts. Read on for more info!

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