6 Beloved Pets Of Ancient Historical Figures

Photo by Andreas Wolochow from shutterstock.com

Pets are a man’s bestfriend and have been for quite some time. Nowadays it’s a very common thing to own a pet, however this was also the case centuries ago.

We don’t think about it too often, but back in the day, pets were considered by some, very sacred and for others they were even idols. (now we get why cats think they are so superior).

Even great rulers and significant historic personalities had an animal bestfriend, but let’s find out more about those pets and who their owners were.

1. Bucephalus, Alexander The Great’s Horse

Their close bond started when Alexander was just 12/13 years old, when the animal couldn’t be tamed by anyone.

Alexander understood that he was just afraid of his shadow and with some kind words and a friendly attitude towards the animal, Bucephalus and the future ruler became friends right there and then.

He started riding him and with his help conquered the world. It is unclear how the four legged died but where he was buried, Alexander founded a city called Alexandria Bucephala.

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