5 Ways to Tell Your Pets You Love Them in Their Own Language

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According to a recent survey, many people said that they know if their pet loves them, but they don’t know exactly how to express their love back so that these little furry animals understand. So, the best way to tell a pet that you love them is to use their own language as a tool that will help you send the right message. In this case, you should learn and understand canine communication and behavior. 

In addition, if you want your dog to understand that you love them, sometimes you have to do more than just buying fancy clothes, treats, toys, collar or cozy beds. One of the most important things that you have to take into consideration when you are ready to adopt a dog is to show them the love and affection that they truly deserve. 

Of course, you don’t need extra time or to plan a scheduled meeting with your dog to show them love and affection, because they can feel it through your gestures if you use the right language. 

“Enrichment and meeting your dog’s needs is the number one way to show love for your dog,” Russell Hartstein, CDBC, CPDT-KA, a dog trainer, behavioralist, and CEO of Fun Paw Care tells Elite Daily. “People many times misunderstand love and simply love the way they want to love. In essence, it may be a selfish type of love.”

So, here are some tips on how to show love to your pets in their own language. Read on for more info!

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1 thought on “5 Ways to Tell Your Pets You Love Them in Their Own Language”

  1. I’m not sure where this fits in. Several of my dogs have loved lying on their backs with all four feet in the air. This becomes an invitation to rub their tummies. They loved the feel of a warm,
    gentle hand moving slowly up and down. It can become tedious, so have something else ready to do. Some of my playful dogs, especially Beagles, have taken the “upsidedown hint” as an invitation to me to play, such as chasing them down the hall. If this is not allowed to grow out of control, it’s tons of fun for dog and me. The leash training is especially important for elderly owners. An untrained dog may try to become loving by placing his/her body between your feet. The leash then tangles with cane and feet, and possibiities for a crash are endless.

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