5 Reasons Your Dog Is Aggressive

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Some of us think of dogs as the most loving, adorable, and fluffiest creatures on Earth and to be honest, as pet lovers ourselves, we couldn’t agree more. But what happens when our little bundle of joy suddenly gets aggressive?

It’s definitely scary, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad, it can mean something happened to them and there are a few possible things that caused them to act the way they did such as:

1. They are ill

Sometimes your dog gets sick and when they do, they manifest differently. Some medical conditions make them act aggressively. If they start to growl, get snappy, or even bite you, but this behavior is very sudden, you should consider taking them to a vet.

Among dogs, pain is a common cause of aggression. They can have an injury or a sickness that’s causing them a lot of discomforts. Go to a vet to check what’s going on with them.

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1 thought on “5 Reasons Your Dog Is Aggressive”

  1. Our rescue dog, a small 15-16 lb. mix, who lived on the streets for his first two years. He was adopted by a single-senior citizen, and we adopted him when she went over the “Rainbow Bridge”. We have had him just two years, and he is around 10, from what the Vet said. He is very active, and is usually pretty calm. He has dog-friends around the neighborhood, but if he sees a strange dog, he gets very loud and vocal and aggressive. But usually his tail is wagging. but he is vocalizing aggressive barking. After living on the streets, he more than likely learned how to defend himself. Other than this, he is a very loving little guy, and barks if he thinks sojmeone is at the door.

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