22 Heartbreaking First And Last Snapshots Of Pets


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18 thoughts on “22 Heartbreaking First And Last Snapshots Of Pets

  1. Kirby Koopman Reply

    A bittersweet look into owning, caring for and loving a favorite dog or cat. Yet, many of us can not think of not having either one as a companion. Thanks for posting!

  2. Pete Holden Reply

    To everyone. Cherish every day with your pets. It’s sad that they leave us so soon in our lives. Thanks for the photos. Made me think of very good times in my life with all of my pets. God bless.

  3. Sally Sanders Reply

    Puppies & kitties are so cute and cuddly when we first get them, but how sad it is when we have to say goodbye to them as the age. They give us so much joy and unconditional love for so many years. Our pets will always remain with us in memory and our hearts.
    This was a wonderful posting!

  4. Gary Nelson Reply

    The black cat looks a lot like my black cat that showed
    up in the back yard while my cat-loving wife was doing some
    gardening. He snuzzled her and that was all it took. He’s
    been with us now for about four years.

  5. Jackino Reply

    These pictures both warm my heart and break it. I am happy to see all of the pictures of the happy people and happy healthy dogs.

    Sorry, but I don’t believe #15 is the same dog. That aside, it made me dig out my pictures of pets I have had over the years. I really wish dogs and cats were able to live longer, healthier happier lives
    As short as their loves seems, I would never give up having many dogs and cats in my life. They always make better.

  6. William Reply

    I can only imagine, as I’ve never owned a pet. They become a part of one’s family and parting with them is difficult I’m sure. At least the closeness was captured in many of these photos. I don’t think I could handle the loss associated with a pet that had been an integral part of my life. My kudos to those of you that took the time to share your lives with them and your photos with us.

  7. Dave Reply

    It is sad to see a pet expire, as they have been delightful companions for us through out their short lives.

  8. Harvey Gluckin Reply

    Although there is NOTHING worse than having the courage NOT to let them suffer, you MUST keep in mind all the years of happiness and pleasure they gave you and all the years and fun times you had together. NO ONE will ever be able to erase those memories for you. They will be with you forever.

  9. C Z Reply

    Having a pet and forming a bond is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I recently HAD to put my 20yo Russian Blue to sleep, had him since he was 7mo old. One of the craziest, fiercest, most intelligent cats I have ever had. would hide and leap out at me,grab me bite lightly and run away. Loved getting soaked, Loved when I played guitar and Piano, especially ROCK Music. (Loved RUSH) He would show up and when I stopped playing he would meow until I played more….too funny!!! I miss him GREATLY, all 23lbs of his giant self. But, his spirit and energy are always with me. Even though it was a very sad day, my time with him will always be engraved in my soul. Rock On Curby!!!

  10. gerri kraus Reply

    My Emily is 7 and we had to make the decision to take a leg off due to cancer and I can see the gratitude in her face very time she is walked or running in the back yard . That was a decision
    that was the hardest I ever had to make but I am so grateful that I did for her life

    1. Pete Holden Reply

      I hope that your Emily is doing well now. That is a very hard thing to do, but you did the right thing. Good luck to you and her. God bless

  11. John Reply

    I gave my wife a Great Dame for Xmas one year, we named her Laudy da Laduce. We had her for 9 plus years she was a huge part of our family. My wife put her through obiedence class she finished at the top of her class. We had to make that faithful choice given our housing situation at the time. I feel horrible that I made my wife do that dirty deed I am also haunted by the choice of putting her down. Laudy was surely a great, great, Great Dane. She will always remain close to my heart and memories. Laudy I hope you may forgive me, miss you always Laudy da

  12. Rupert Donez Reply

    Wild animals are often kept as pets. The term wild in this context specifically applies to any species of animal which has not undergone a fundamental change in behavior to facilitate a close co-existence with humans. Some species listed here may have been bred in captivity for a considerable length of time, but are still not recognized as domesticated .

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