17 Diseases You Can Catch From Your Beloved Pet

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We are all sad and worried when our pet gets sick. We know how bad you feel for them and how empathetic you are with them.

But before you offer them  the comfort they need and cuddle with them you should know that some of their diseases can spread to you.

If you are familiar with this information, but you don’t know for which illnesses this is the case we thought to share with you some of the most important.

In order to prevent this from happening you should always take them to the vet and wash your hands after you come in contact with them.

How can I get it?

There are several ways you can get yourself infected with your pet’s illness some of them are: changing their litter box, touching surfaces where they’ve been, petting them, grooming them and coming in contact with their feces.

Some diseases will spread faster than others however, you need to be careful when your animal has symptoms of any sort and take them for a check up. Here’s a list of a few things you can get from your pet:

Diseases you can catch from cats and dogs:

• The Plague

• Rabies

• Roundworms

• Scabies

• Cat Scratch Disease (cats only)

• Brucellosis (dogs only)

• Hookworm

• Salmonellosis

• Giardia

• Cryptosporidiosis

• Leptospirosis

Diseases you can catch from your bird:

• Cryptosporidiosis

• Psittacosis

• Tuberculosis

Diseases you can catch from your reptile: 

• Salmonella

• Botulism

• Leptospirosis

Final Words

In case your pet shows any symptoms of illness you should immediately go to the vet with them, don’t be quick to jump to conclusions it may be nothing to worry about, however a check up is always a good idea.

We know how much your pet means to you which is why you should always make sure they are having a healthy lifestyle, the visits to the doctor are up to date and pay attention to their behavior and possible signs of illness.

And remember to always wash your hands after you pet them.

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