14 Uncommon Signs Your Cat Is Sick

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We treat and love our cats like they are our children, they mean the world to us. Certainly, taking care of one is not an easy job, it can become pretty challenging. Sometimes there’s no doubt about that, but we love being their parents anyway.

Among the daily tasks like brushing them, cleaning up the mess they leave behind, feeding and entertain them, every now and then we should pay attention to their moods and behavior. Why is that? Well, it so happens that they can be sick, and we didn’t know or notice it.

Your pet is going to get sick at some point, it’s inevitable, and natural. However, sometimes their symptoms aren’t so ordinary, and it can be pretty hard to tell what’s really going on.

Here’s a list of symptoms you should always keep in mind just to be safe:

1. Their pupils are very dilated 

2. They have diarrhea

3. Vomiting

4.  They have no intention of playing (to be honest every cat does this so it can be easily misinterpreted), being active or they seem lethargic 

5. You notice a change in their appetite or drinking behavior

6. They either gain or lose a significant amount of weight

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