13 Surprising Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

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As you already know, these little but amazing felines have a different reputation in the animal kingdom because of their serious faces and superior attitude, but this is just a stereotype. In real life, things are totally different and if you are a cat owner you know that. But, nevertheless, cats are quite difficult to read, because their body language can be strange sometimes and misleading. 

For instance, the difference between cats and dogs is that, while you know that your dog loves you because they are happy when you come back home, kisses you and jumps around to show you how overjoyed they are, cats bring you dead animals… Well, it seems that the message is the same, whether we are talking about cats or dogs, but they have different ways of telling you this. We have to admit that cats have their own ways of communicating their love ad affection, but you just have to pay attention to their behavior to understand. 

During the self isolation, you will probably spend more time with your pet than before and now it is time to focus more on their behavior. So, even though our beloved felines do some strange or gross things sometimes it does not mean that they not showing you affection, because these signs may show that they feel really comfortable around you.  

“As much as we like to think we are the be-all and end-all of our cats’ lives, this is not the case. More often than not, a behavior the cat displays has little to do with humans and a lot to do with a cat’s innate behavior patterns and ethology,” said Daniel Cummings, the behavior manager at Cats Protection. 

In cat talk, tiny hints have big meanings, so here are some signs that your cat actually loves you, according to animal experts! Read on for more and enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “13 Surprising Ways Your Cat Shows You Love”

  1. My cat killed a snake in my yard and brought it
    home and ceremoniously laid it on my patio. I
    was not happy about this as the snake was around 2 feet long. ..and the cat was not happy
    as I got the snow shovel with the longest handle
    and moved the snake to where I would not have
    to look at it any more. He also brought home a
    dead squirrel that looked like it’d been thru a
    blender. My cat can also be very gentle and
    comes to my bed at night (hopefully without
    it’s latest victim).

  2. i have a cat that wont let me hold her but on the flip side and lay on me when i am sleeping…

    can you help me with this problem ?

  3. Rebecca Hartman

    2I loved this information. My cat must really love me.

    My cat must really love me. She rolls over for a belly rub, at the same time she bites the that rubs her, and she purrrrs through the whole session.. She is in charge of all things. I feel greatful that she lets me live here.

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