12 Most Amazing Zoos In America

Photo by Tatiana Litvinova from shutterstock.com

Animals are pretty fantastic and beautiful creatures. And sometimes we wish we could see them up close, not just through a TV screen.

Observing them in real life is a much more fulfilling experience than watching a documentary on Animal Planet.

And so, going to thematic zoo parks, specially made so that you can have the savanna experience, is much more exciting.

If you are tired of watching wild animals only on documentaries and you want to observe them up close we recommend you to pay a visit to these great zoos in our country.

1. The San Diego Zoo

Situated in the Balboa Park, this zoo protects over 650 different species from around the world. It has 100 acres and 8 different areas which is geographically split and organized.

2. The Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo, located in Chicago, has been open since 1866 and it’s the oldest zoo in the U.S. There are more than 200 species, among which there are also a few endangered species.

Don’t leave this amazing 35 acres zoo without visiting the Farm-in-the-Zoo and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove.

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