11 Funny Photos of Dogs Trying to Catch Flying Treats You Have to See

It’s time for a treat! Photographer Christian Vieler, who is based in Waltrop, Germany, has released these photos of dogs attempting to catch treats as part of a new calendar. Enjoy!

It’s a pug’s life! The snaps capture the wonderful facial expressions of the pooches as they attempt to catch the tidbits.

Hair raising! This mixed breed pooch looks like it is screaming as it catches the snack. Photographer Christian Vieler takes the photos at his studio in Waltrop, Germany.

Tasty treat: Christian first began taking photos in this way in 2013 after testing out his camera with his own dog, Lotte, a Labrador.

In this brilliant snap, a Staffordshire bull terrier looks bewildered by the treats flying towards its face and doesn’t even attempt to open its mouth.

Catch me if you can! Other shots show a golden retriever looking down its nose as it tries to spot the flying treat.

This Labrador was photographed dribbling in anticipation. Christian ensures all the dogs are comfortable before taking pictures and uses a low-level flash so he doesn’t scare them.

Christian said: ‘I think the expressions of the dogs remind us of well-known feelings like desire, loss, pain or joy’.

Almost got it! Christian has collated the shots for his Dogs Catching Treats 2019, which costs $28.30.

He believes the ‘magic’ behind the photographs is that they feature expressions dogs don’t often show.

Photographer Christian is always popular with canine companions, joking: ‘All models behave because I am the guy with the treats, and I have many treats in my bags’.

Take this, hungry chihuahua!