10 Animals That Have Been Arrested (Yes, You Read That Right)

Photo by Iryna Kuznetsova from shutterstock.com

We know you love animals. Their goofiness makes us all say ”Aww”, however from time to time they tend find themselves in hot water and when they do their guilty face it’s too much for us to punish them.

However, these 10 animals found themselves arrested after the trouble they have. And their charm wasn’t enough to bail them out, neither did their ‘animal magnetism’.

Check them and  their story down below for a good laugh.

1. In India a pigeon was caught and arrested under the suspicion of espionage when their body was covered with a message in Pakistan

2. A beaver was arrested after the animal decided to enter a store during the holiday season and knock down on the floor the decorations and other items. The beaver was taken to a wildlife rehab center. No we are not joking

3. A parrot was arrested in India for cursing his owner’s stepmother

4. An aggressive squirrel was jailed after stalking a woman in Germany

5. In Brazil a cat was helping inmates with their escape plan by carrying things on her body

6. In 1924, a dog allegedly killed a cat which was owned by the governor of Pennsylvania and he had the pet imprisoned

7. A bear named Katya was arrested attacking tourists in the area. She was put in prison however she had a good life in there, she had her own pool and the inmates were friendly to her

8. The parrot that would alert drug lords when the police was raiding found itself in quite some trouble

9. A monkey that trespassed the border from India to Pakistani. The mammal was first believed to have tried to spy on the Pakistan as a result from the spying pigeon, but was cleared of those charges and only accused of illegal trespassing and spent his life behind bars

10. A pig was held accountable for wondering in a neighborhood and licking off garden ornaments

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