10 Affectionate Cat Breeds With the Friendliest Personalities

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Like it or not, we have to admit that a well-known stereotype about cats and their affection for humans is that they are rather narcissistic, but not all cats are the same. They have different personalities and they could be affectionate and loving as well. So, if you want to adopt a cat that loves to cuddle, these breeds are all you need!

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13 thoughts on “10 Affectionate Cat Breeds With the Friendliest Personalities”

  1. I have a cat, Ellie, that is almost 24 yrs old (as of 7/2020) and looks like this cat, but dark charcoal with green eyes. She talks all the time and is very affectionate to me, but just tolerates my American Eskimo dog. For her age, I think she is amazing and eats about 3-small cans of Fancy Feast everyday and lounges (sleeps) on my couch. She has been a perfect cat and is very light weight for her appetite and age. I was told that she might be the oldest cat in NYS?

    1. Camille DeMarta

      You are so fortunate God bless you and that cat and give her a beautiful kiss from me total stranger I’ve been rescuing cats since I was 7 years old and I’m 74 and still doing it God bless you again and that baby

    1. My Ragdolls were the BEST, regarding dogs they loved my labs! The terrier that came with my husband was a whole other story!

  2. My best cat ever was a Bombay, just so loving and always happy. We lost him in a house fire 8 years ago and I still think of him daily.

  3. I have four cats all of them are rescues. They are all very friendly and curious like most of them are. Two of them are sisters from Arizona and dislike each other and I call them the Hissing sisters, Needless to say they are friendly to visitors.

  4. You forgot about the Tonkinese!
    Also, of the American Shorthair Domestics, the most affectionate of all are the orange tortoise
    shell males. I’ve had two, and they’re absolutely the best cats!

  5. I have bred and raised Siamese Cats since 1966….yes I do love them…..many have gone across country to their new homes……some have replaced a pet that passed….the owners call in tears….These cats are just like people, different personalities….quirks….have their noses out of line over something, but are loyal and loving…..and will let you know how they feel about what and how you are doing something….yes I love my warm fuzzies.

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