25 Faith-Restoring Pictures That You Need To See


Faith in cat-world restored!

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15 thoughts on “25 Faith-Restoring Pictures That You Need To See

  1. Norma Hawkins Reply

    The pictures are great! It’s hard to believe that some are dangerous animals as they look so loveable and friendly.

  2. Abbie Reply

    The innocence and beauty of these animals is priceless.
    But there is also a great sadness in viewing them, as so many are hunted and abused
    worldwide. How long until so many of them are gone forever and how much more suffering
    will they face at human hands?

    1. Vickie Rubinson Reply

      I agree Abbie. I give monthly donations to the ASPCA to prevent cruelty to animals. I also feed and trap stray cats at night. Very late at night. I do this so they won’t keep having more kittens, who will most likely wind up in shelters or living on the streets as strays.

    1. Larry Reply

      Abbie, you’re so right. I’m very against hunting animals for the sport of it. It should be banned
      and let them live in peace.

  3. Whitney Weinstein Reply

    I just have to say, these guys are not sp0uses! Those lions are both males! Don’tcha know, the males always have the fluffy manes while the females do not.
    Of course, I guess they could be spouses if they’re gay.

  4. Noel Reply

    These precious little guys are the reasons I like animals better than most people.
    Animals show unconditional love and affection, no matter if you are young, old rich or poor. When they know that you love and care about them, they will protect you with their lives.

  5. Vickie Rubinson Reply

    Cats rule! I just sent in two cat cartoons I drew to the New Yorker Magazine. I hope they publish them. The New Yorker loves cat cartoons.

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